Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, all teachers are obliged to comply with the procedures provided by the Chief Sanitary Inspector and health and safety regulations.

We pay particular attention to the following rules:

Avoid gatherings and keep a safe distance between people (min. 2 m).
Mouth and nose coverage is required in common areas within buildings.
It is necessary to ensure proper airing of rooms, disinfection of used equipment (desks, telephones, etc.) and disinfection of hands.
Personal protective equipment should be collected in the Administration and Economic Department (room 20, building A).
When organizing workstations, keep the distance between employees (at least 2 m).
Consultations with students should take place remotely (by telephone, e-mail, online platforms).
Direct handling of administrative matters should be minimized, contact by phone and e-mail is recommended.
Principles of safe teaching activities - COVID-19

Only teachers who do not show symptoms of COVID-19 and do not have direct contact with a person currently infected or in quarantine may join the work.
Before the exercise classes, the teacher is obliged to introduce the group of students to the sports facility and direct them to the appropriate changing room.
Before the theoretical classes, the teacher is obliged to open the classroom 5 minutes before the start of classes.
During the classes, it is not obligatory to cover the mouth and nose, except when the distance between participants is less than 2 m.
During the first class, the teacher is obliged to inform students about the detailed rules of conducting classes in an epidemic emergency (COVID-19 instruction).
The teacher monitors the students' compliance with COVID-19 recommendations.
Classes requiring direct contact between students should be limited to the necessary minimum. Students should practice in the same pairs / teams.
The user is responsible for disinfecting the equipment used during the classes.
Teachers are responsible for ventilating the rooms after classes.
If a student or teacher is suspected of being infected with COVID-19, isolation should be applied immediately.