Due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic, all students are obliged to comply with the procedures provided by the Chief Sanitary Inspector and health and safety regulations.

We pay particular attention to the following rules:

Avoid gatherings and keep a safe distance between people (min. 2 m).
Using personal protective equipment and taking care of personal hygiene.
Mandatory hand disinfection at the entrances to buildings and before classes.
Mandatory covering of the mouth and nose in common areas of buildings (corridors, etc.).
Consultation with teachers should take place remotely (via telephone contact, e-mail, online platforms).
During classes, students are required to follow specific rules, in accordance with the guidelines of individual faculties and teachers' instructions.

I. Principles of safe participation of students in educational activities (COVID-19)

Only students who do not show symptoms and have not had contact with a person currently infected or in quarantine can participate in the classes.
Before entering the building and before entering the classes, students disinfect their hands.
Between classes, students stay in spaces enabling them to keep an appropriate distance, min. 2 m (preferably outside the building).
Before the physical activity classes, students wait for a teacher in front of the facility, who directs the group to the appropriate changing room.
Students come to the theoretical classes in the classroom not earlier than 5 minutes before the start of classes.
If the subject of the theoretical classes (physiotherapy) requires special clothing, then students use designated locker rooms, which they enter no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of the classes.
If the next theoretical classes are held in the same building, students stay in spaces that allow them to keep an appropriate distance (preferably outside the building).
The use of changing rooms and showers should be limited to the necessary minimum, in compliance with the COVID-19 safety rules. Designated hangers should be used.
During the classes, the group strictly adheres to the instructor's instructions (COVID-19 instruction).
During classes in gyms and sports facilities, it is not required to wear a mouth and nose protection, except when the distance between students is less than 2 m (not applicable to physical activities).
Exercises requiring face-to-face contact should be limited to the minimum necessary. Students should practice in the same pairs / teams.
The user is responsible for disinfecting the equipment used during the classes.
After the classes, the group leaves the building through the exits, following the instructor's instruction.
Any deterioration in health during classes that may indicate COVID-19 symptoms should be reported to the teacher.
In the case of conducting classes, including internships, in facilities not belonging to AWF Katowice, students are additionally bounded by the security rules specified by the administrators of these facilities.
In the case of travel activities connected with the use of tourist services, including accommodation and catering, students are bounded by the safety rules set out for tourist facilities and the guidelines set out by the administrators of these facilities.

II. Rules for safe contact with the employees of the dean's office

Student matters in the dean's offices should be dealt with by telephone (to the telephone numbers provided on the university website)
and by e-mail:

2. In necessary situations, it is permissible for a student to report to the Dean's office with observance of the rules of personal protection (covering the mouth and nose).

Direct contact with the dean and vice-dean is possible after prior appointment.